Island Aerie  |  Vacation House Rentals on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan


Are you looking for vacation house rentals on a secluded island surrounded by sparkling Lake Michigan? Would you like to spend quality time with a group of friends and family in a private place in the woods, by the lake, with plenty of room to spread out, play, and relax?

Do you and your friends and family prefer to “make your own fun” together, in a natural setting, with your emphasis on relationships with each other?

Would you like to spend your precious vacation time in a small, friendly, quiet waterfront community, far away from the noise and commotion of the common “resort towns?”

Is your idea of a great vacation finding a secluded, comfortable place for your friends and family to set up “base camp,” while they venture out to explore woods, beaches, trails, lakes, swamps, and lighthouses?

Are you looking for vacation house rentls to get as far away as possible from amusement parks, strip malls, casinos, ORV trails, subdivisions, chain restaurants, condo developments, hotels/ motels, and the rest of the standard tourist trap itinerary?

Would you prefer to hear waves, birds, and wind in the trees, instead of roaring motors, booming stereos, vehicle traffic, and hundreds of tourists?

Do you love to thoroughly explore new places on foot, by bicycle, or by boat?

Would you enjoy a break from your own frenetic, structured, scheduled, jam-packed everyday existence?

If your answer to all of these questions is a resounding “YES! YES! YES!” then read on now about Island Aerie – a large, comfortable and one of the best vacation house rentals on remote Beaver Island, a jewel of a community located in Lake Michigan north of Charlevoix, Michigan.