Eat and Drink

Where to Eat and Drink on Beaver Island


Restaurants & Bars


There are no “chain” restaurants on Beaver Island. Instead, what you will find are an assortment of locally owned and operated restaurants, several of which are also bars, which offer excellent selections and quality. Several of these are located within walking distance of Island Aerie. Listed below is the contact information for the restaurants and bars that are open during the summer season.


Dalwhinnie: 231-448-2736

Shamrock: 231-448-2469

Paradise Bay Coffee Shop: 231-448-3003

Stoney Acre Grill: 231-448-2560

Donegal Danny’s Pub: 231-448-3000

Nina’s Restaurant: 231-448-2396

Daddy Franks: 231-448-2570


Grocery Store


If you want to prepare your own meals at the house, there is a well-stocked grocery store on the island – McDonough’s Market – where you can obtain all the staple food items you could want or need as well as many specialty and gourmet food items. McDonough’s Market also has a meat counter, fresh fruits and vegetables, a lottery counter, a wide selection of beers, wines, and liquors, and many souvenir items such as clothing.

McDonough’s Market:  or call 231-448-2733