The Beach

The Beach at Island Aerie


Island Aerie is a waterfront property which is immediately adjacent to the Gull Harbor Natural Area to the east. As a result, the property enjoys a long expanse of undeveloped beach that stretches away east around Gull Harbor. A quick walk down the beach to the west brings you to the Whisky Point Lighthouse at the mouth of Paradise Bay, the island’s harbor. All of the boat traffic entering and exiting the harbor passes in front of the house.


The beach in front of the house is not sandy, but rather, is comprised of small chunks of the bedrock upon which Beaver Island is built. The grade of the beach is very gradual, so it takes some time to wade out to water that is deep enough to actually swim in. This shallow grade results in consistently gentle waves and no sudden unseen drop-offs, which makes for excellent wading and water-play for small children.

The community offers a plethora of clean, sandy beaches located all around the island where the public can sunbathe, swim, picnic, and play. Some of these sandy beaches are located within five to ten minutes drive from the house, and some are further outside of town.

Donegal Bay Beach
At the northwest corner of the island about a 10 minute drive. It’s fun to bike there too!