Special Request



A few requests for our guests:

To keep house COOL on hot days, keep first and second floor windows and doors closed during the day, and open windows at night when air is cooler.


To avoid excessive bugs in the house, at night keep outside lights turned off, and don’t leave inside lights on unnecessarily.

SMOKERS: Please DO NOT SMOKE IN THE HOUSE! There are “butt containers” on all the decks provided for your comfort and use. Please DO NOT THROW BUTTS ON THE GROUND!

Please leave sand and dirt OUTSIDE! SHAKE OFF or BRUSH OFF towels, clothes, shoes, and bodies before coming inside. Throw wet sandy items over the clothesline and rail on the back porch.

Please do not use the house bath towels, throws, blankets, or bed linens for beach/ picnic blankets!

DO NOT make LONG-DISTANCE PHONE CALLS on the house phone – all calls off-island are long distance – UNLESS you use your own calling card or otherwise pay for the bill yourself. Local – on Beaver Island – phone calls are okay.

Please do not re-arrange, move, or remove furniture or household decorations.

NO DOGS or other animals allowed in house unless specifically approved by owner first!

DO NOT CLEAN FISH or gut, de-feather, or skin game animals in the house!

DO NOT sleep more than 12 persons in the house.

Enjoy the FIRE PIT on the beach, and feel free to use any dead wood you find on the ground, but DO NOT CUT DOWN ANYTHING! You can use the plastic deck chairs at the fire pit, but please bring them back to the house.