Transportation To and Around Beaver Island

How to Get to Beaver Island

“Getting there is half the fun!” The only way to Beaver is by boat or plane.
There is a ferry service – Beaver Island Boat Company – and two charter airplane services that operate out of Charlevoix, Michigan to transport people to and from the island.

There are several public and private marinas in the Beaver Island Harbor.

At the dock, and looking forward to a relaxing ride home on “the little boat” Beaver Island Boat Company’s “Beaver Islander”

Ferry Service and Marina Information

The ferry ride takes about two hours. Those wanting to transport their own vehicles, bikes, large amounts of gear, and freight must do so via ferry. The ferry allows pets to travel on deck or in owners’ cars. Ferry passengers often take the opportunity to picnic and party, or simply rest and relax. NOTE!: Reservations for vehicles on the ferries must be made as far in advance as possible due to very limited available space.

Sometimes bad weather prevents or delays service to the island. During the winter months, there is no ferry service. However, the flight services remain available.


Beaver Island Boat Company online at: or call: 1-888-446-4095

Beaver Island Marina on line at: or call: 231-448-2300

Beaver Island Municipal Yacht Dock call: 231-448-2252



Airline and Airport Information

There are two airports on Beaver Island. The airplane flights take about twenty minutes. The flight services also allow passengers to bring luggage and pets.


Island Airways online at: or call: 231-547-2141

Fresh Air Aviation online at: or call: 1-888-359-7448

Welke Airport

Beaver Island Airport call: 231-448-2750



Transportation While on Beaver Island

When you stay at Island Aerie, you will be within walking distance of the ferry dock, marinas, grocery store, and several restaurants. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a vehicle while on the island. A lot of exploring can be done on foot and by bicycle. However, if you think that you may want a vehicle but cannot or will not bring one across with you, then car rentals are available on the Island.


Car Rental

Gordon’s Auto Clinic call: 231-448-2438

Beaver Island Marina online: or call: 231-448- 2300


Bike Rental

Lake Sports call: 231-448-2166


Charlevoix County Transit

Charlevoix County operates a public transportation system that provides tours or rides for a fee.


When the Ferry is running: 231-448-2210 or 231-448-2500

When the Ferry is not running: 231-448-2415